The Benefits of Going GREEN in Your Home

What exactly is “going green”? Why has it been such a craze over the past decade or so? Think of it this way…In the automobile world, we don’t really see much of those clunky gas guzzlers anymore right? Rising gas prices, environmental issues and pure efficiency are some of the reasons why we are seeing the natural evolution of more efficient-everything type cars like Tesla’s all-electric vehicles or other brands that are going hybrid all together. It just works better for where we are all heading — The future! Here are just a few of the infinite reasons why going GREEN in your home are super beneficial:

  • Keep your $$ in your pockets! By going green, your home building materials can be much more durable than the way homes were built back then. Durable materials are sometimes less costly, but will definitely give you a run for your money in the long run. Maintenance is low though should still be done routinely. Ultimately, your home going GREEN is will utilize the energy flow through the home more efficiently, lowering your utility bills. P.S….Did you know that by going green with your home build, that the value of your abode can increase by up to 5% or more?
  • Give a big hug to the environment by building with renewable and/or recycled resources. Just think of all of the negative emissions that building a new home comes with — By using materials that won’t deplete our natural resources (so much), you’re already off to a great start by positively impacting the environment with your very own little conservatively thought out footprint.
  • Give a big hug to YOURSELF by having your home built with green paints, sealants, finishes and adhesives. You won’t have that strong chemical smell so, so much with these greener products therefore allowing you and your family to breathe in clean, non-toxic air. Also consider non-toxic household products and pest control.

Here are some very simple ways to keep your home going GREEN:

  • Turn your thermostat to a manageable temperature for your home when you are NOT going to be home for a while, let’s say if you were to go on vacation or what have you. This goes for both warmer and cooler seasons.
  • Shut down or unplug all of the electronics you won’t use overnight while you are asleep. This could also prolong the life of your electronics such as your computer, television etc.
  • There ARE more natural products out there that will help your going GREEN mission a push. Get a water softener if you find that the water coming through your home has a lot of unwanted mineral build up. Use soaps and cleaners that won’t leave behind thick residues – even if you can’t see them with your eyes, they’re still there and show up over time.
  • Consider having solar panels installed — We get sunshine almost everyday of the year here in Texas…Why not? 
  • Install water-saving toilets and showerheads. Run the washer and dryer for full loads only.

We hope that we could shed some light on how easy it is to help you and your home live a long and happy life together — Can’t have one without the other now, right? Leave us a comment on your proven techniques of living in a truly GREEN home, and ways you keep the maintenance up on it!

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