Things to Know About Good Insulation in Your Home

Congratulations! If you’re here, then you’re here because you live in one of the greatest states in the nation – Texas. At Green Leaf Energy, our mission is to serve our clients with the best in quality and innovation with the most pinnacle aspects of creating a comfortable living space for you and your families. The key to achieving these goals is to address your current living situation and to target areas of the home that need improvement. Just as an example, today we are talking all about the importance of good insulation in your home.

In Central Texas, the weather tends to be a little humid and a lot of hot throughout most of the year. To protect the life of your home and to live as comfortably as possible, while keeping energy bills low (win!), our goal would be to insulate your home by keeping at top priority, the cooling and dehumidifying of the home — Ultimately providing the best possible sealing of the home to keep the humidity out.

It’s sunny darn near 365 days out of the year in Central Texas. This means the sun is beating down on the roofs of your home most of the time. Some ways to ensure that penetration isn’t taking full advantage of the heating up of your home are to have vented air cavities right under your roof, which would allow heat to be reflected and eventually dissipated before it even hits your roof’s insulation. Another way of dealing with that Texas heat is to add or move insulation so that air conditioning ducts are enveloped, therefore giving your A/C a break from working so hard to keep the home cool.

What about when it’s cold? Yes, it actually does get cold a good enough amount of the year to need good insulation for this reason as well. Don’t worry, we’re here to clear the air with some basics in knowing your options for insulation that in today’s era, is quite more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than those of its past.

  • Foam Insulation: Pretty neat stuff. It begins in liquid form being sprayed into the walls of a structure, which then foams out to fill every nook and cranny of its space. This type of insulation can be used in most spaces such as foundations even. There are vegetable based foam insulation sprays for those interested in using “green” type of materials.
  • Fiberglass Insulation: It’s pretty common, and you’ve probably seen it or grew up with it. These days, this type of insulation has become much safer to use as it is now made with up to 30-40% of recycled materials.
  • Cotton Insulation: This is probably one of the most nontoxic and efficient types of insulation that’s out there. It is made up of leftover fabric from textile factories minus the chemicals. For insulation, it is all prepped with boric acid which repels pests, antifungal agents and is fire retardant.

These are our top picks for the closest to being “green” whilst also providing adequate if not excellent insulation for your home. You’ll want to check with a builder for the specific type needed for YOUR home as you could have an older home needing some TLC or a newly built home that has more options as to the type of insulation you prefer. Let us know what you choose and how you’re liking it!

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