March 30, 2012


we can’t believe how much money we were wasting. Weatherization and insulation go along way!- Michelle
It was a pleasure having Vance and Ishtel in our home. Not only did they locate were the weak spots were in our home, they came back and fixed everything too.- Chris
the Door Blower test was the best! It was amazing how it found all the ‘holes’ in our home. Having an energy audit was the best thing we’ve done for our house…- John
Thanks guys for coming over and giving us a free energy audit…- Michael
Green Leaf always does an outstanding job performing our energy audits. There prompt service can’t be beat!- Carol
I can always count on having the energy audit delivered to us the same day.- Kim
You guys rock.- Steven
Professional, on time, and they always wear there booties!- Walter
Of all the hoops you have to jump through in the home selling process, this was the easiest by far, Thanks guys.- Kellie
Ya’ll are doing an awesome job, keep up the good work.- Jim
You have taken something thats been over complicated by your competition and simplified it to the point were even I can understand it!- Manny
If you ever need a refferal please don’t hesitate to ask- Nancy
I’m so glad ya’ll have active key access! It saved me from driving all over town- Carrie
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