City of Austin Incentives and Rebates

Ah, it’s Spring-ti…We mean, it’s technically Winter-time here in our lovely city of Austin, TX. It’s February and we have yet to see cold weather, let alone any snow or sleet. It’s okay! We love our sunshine and all of the good fortunes that this new year will bring! Speaking of good fortunes…Have you heard of the City of Austin’s ‘Incentives and Rebates’ programs? Good thing you decided to stop on by today because we will give you a very easy-to-read, simple guide to what those incentives and rebates are!

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  • Rebates for Driver and Riders of Electrical Vehicles: Drivers can use existing charge outlets, pay for a monthly fee of $4.17 for unlimited charges, or contact Austin Energy Rebates for help paying for a faster charging station at your home. Bike riders may qualify for a rebate should you wish to make a purchase for an electric powered scooter, Segway, etc. Businesses can inquire about getting rebates if they get charge stations installed. Auto dealers can contact the City of Austin for information on training employees to be educated on Austin Energy Programs.
  • Emergency Home Repair: This program serves those who have a combined income at or below 80% of the Median Family Income. This program helps families whose homes face life-threatening health hazards.
  • Energy Efficient Rebates: For residential services, the City of austin provides rebates and loans for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, pools and more. For Multifamily homes, services are offered to help customers with controlling heating, cooling and lighting costs. For Commercial business, rebates and incentives are offered to help save money on cooling costs of appliances.
  • Home Composting Rebates: Most Austin residents can earn a $75 rebate through the City of Austin Home Composting Rebate Program. In order to qualify, attend a free composting class in person or online and then send in an application.
  • Austin Energy Trade Allies: By working with contractors who are connected with Austin Energy, you give yourself a chance at trusting who will be working on your home for you, to provide a possible solution to lowering your utility costs. These trusted allies are also trained in helping you through the application process for certain incentives and rebates that you may be wondering about.

These are just a few of the many incentives and rebates that you may qualify and apply for in the City of Austin. Why not give them a try? If you’re already doing your neighbors and the environment a favor, give yourself a little pat on the back on be rewarded for your thoughtful behavior and favors!

Once you begin your chain of paying it forward and passing on your good juju, you’ll continue to keep doing these things and make our beautiful city even more weird, colorful and awesome than it already is.

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